To Here and Forever

by MESOGEARS / FritzyBeat

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"Now, settle down. There's something I want to give you."

"What is it?"

"This is an ancient shell that my mother gave me a long time ago. Hold it to your ear, and listen carefully..."


Waves upon the sea
Gently carry me
To waters far beyond my reach

I’ll meet you down below
The lives I’ve come to know
Our dance will make the currents glow

With the whale and the seal
I know inside I feel
Something here I’ve never known

Catch this fallen drowning dream
And cast it into me
Let it sing with jubilee
And though I’m taken far away
In my silence I always pray
I’ll come back someday

These nonsensical patterns of stone
Where witches and goblins roam
Claim to me to be my home

But I know that I’m called to more
And I’ll find it somewhere off the shore
Lying on the ocean floor

Between the gold and earthly skies
Our waters intertwined
Come to sing with my own kind
And should they take me far away
In my heart I know what to say
I choose to stay


released December 25, 2016
MESOGEARS - Music, production, backing vocals
FritzyBeat - Lyrics, lead vocals
Atlas - Backing vocals

"Secondhand Lions" (2003 film) - Voice clips, cricket chirping sound effect
"Song of the Sea" (2014 film) - Voice clips




mesogears Illinois

This account has been inactive for quite a while. However, I eventually plan to release an album here.

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